Jazz Lessons with Giants

Let three of the world’s most gifted jazz musicians show you the techniques, concepts, and exercises that will take your playing to new heights – guaranteed.

jlwg_workbook_coverThroughout jazz history, the greatest players were the ones who got to spend time in the company of the greats who came before them. In this one-of-a-kind program, three modern day jazz giants share their secrets- the precise secrets that made them into the world-renowned masters that they are.

Over the course of your Jazz Lessons with Giants journey, your teachers will give you the tools to make massive improvements in the areas of creating compelling melodies, super-charging your ears, using advanced harmony to get that hip, “post-Coltrane” sound, using articulation and phrasing to come up with your own style – and that’s just for starters.

Armed with results-producing information and powerful motivation, you can save yourself years of struggle and quickly make massive improvements while having fun – right now! You don’t have to wait until you’ve spent 10 years practicing 4 hours a day. Applying clearly laid out “insider” information, you can learn to set the bandstand on fire while you experience that elusive feeling of musical magic you crave – much sooner than you might think.

Come read a sampling of just a few of the things you’ll be learning in these lessons…(There’s so much here, you won’t believe it.)

Jazz Lessons with Giants is indeed absolutely jam-stuffed with mountains of juicy tidbits that will turn you into the player who gets the other musicians saying, “Hey man, what was that thing you played in the last chorus?” You’ll learn the essential qualities necessary to approach this music the way the pros do it.

  • Mastering Melodic Development

    • How to create an endless stream of melodic material from just a few notes
    • How to quadruple your musical vocabulary with the tasteful use of patterns based on intervals
    • How to get that hip and modern “post-Coltrane” sound (a la Brecker, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson, etc)
    • How the relationship between written melodies to improvised solos works
    • How to create melodies that successfully outline modern and complex chord progressions
  • Expanding Your Sense of Harmony

    • How chord changes to standard tunes are constructed
    • How to blow people’s minds by playing alternate chord changes over a tune
    • Demystifying the science of reharmonizing tunes
    • Finding hip and fascinating new sounds by working with modes
  • Opening Your Ears Up to New Sounds

    • No more wondering if you’re hearing enough of what you’re playing before you play it
    • Using an unbelievably powerful transcription method, you’ll get to live inside the mind of any jazz genius.
    • How to use fun and simple techniques to prepare you for getting through tunes that you don’t actually know
    • How to listen to jazz analytically so that you can soak up and digest every last ounce of jazz greatness
    • How to gain the super power of being able to hear individual notes within a cluster of notes
  • Expressive Rhythm, Articulation and Phrasing

    • How to keep rock-solid time
    • How to work with your relationship to the beat and create your own personal time feel
    • What the ingredients to world-class jazz phrasing are
    • The critical steps that you need to take in order to come up with your own playing style
  • Burnin’ Down the Band Stand in Small Group

    • How to bring your audience to life by interacting with your band mates in an energy-shifting manner
    • How to accelerate the process of learning to play together tightly and gracefully, even without rehearsal
    • You’ll discover what it means to make spontaneous musical magic happen as often possible.

Meet the three Jazz Giants who are going to teach you all this (and more…).

There are very few musicians on the planet who possess the musical experience, proficiency, creativity, and wisdom that these three men exude from their instruments every time they play. Between the three of them, they have played with virtually every single modern-day jazz legend – legends like, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and an endless list of others. Not only do they play jazz at the highest level possible, but they are also able to express exactly what it is that you need to do in order to get to take your playing as far as you’d like it to go, whether that’s getting a little bit more comfortable over rhythm changes, or whether that’s becoming a jazz giant yourself.

David Liebman

David Liebman

David is featured on nearly 400 recordings, and known for his work with Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, John Scofield, Lee Konitz, Tom Harrell, John Abercrombie, and countless others. He was also awarded the 2011 NEA Masters of Jazz Award.

In the education field he is a renowned lecturer producing several instructional DVDs and books, most notably: Self Portrait of A Jazz Artist, A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Melody and Harmony, and other classics. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) and is currently Artist in Residence at the Manhattan School of Music.

Bob Mintzer

Bob Mintzer

Bob is a member of the Grammy-winning Yellowjackets and has worked with Art Blakey, Jaco Pastorius, Sam Jones, Randy Brecker, Gil Evans, the Yellowjackets, GRP All Star Big Band, Mike Manieri, and The New York Philharmonic, to name a few. He has done session work for James Taylor, Steve Winwood, Queen, Donald Fagan, Milton Nascimento, and an endless list of others. He is generally considered one of the tenor saxophonists who came out the school of New York players in the 70’s, which includes Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, David Liebman, and Steve Grossman.

He’s written nearly 20 jazz education books and is a world renowned composer & band leader, with his own Grammy-winning big band along with a great number of small groups that he’s led as well. When not on the road, Bob passes on his decades of experience as a teacher at USC.

Bob Sheppard

Bob Sheppard

Bob has played with Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Stevie Wonder, Michael Brecker, Billy Childs, Joni Mitchell, and a massive list of others. Other distinguished collaborations include eight years with Freddie Hubbard, and tours and performances with Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Lyle Mays, Nat Adderley, and the Toshiko Akiyoshi/Tabackin Big Band.

He’s also a critically acclaimed solo artist, an in-demand clinician, and a first-call session player with over a hundred movie and television soundtracks under his belt. As a passionate music educator, Sheppard is a part-time faculty member at the USC Thorton School of Music, and frequently a guest clinician at colleges around the country.

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything you’ll get inside the Jazz Lessons with Giants program:

Audio Master Class Interviews

Audio Master Class Interviews

  • Revolutionize your playing with over three hours of 100% proven tips, techniques, exercises, concepts, and overall jazz wisdom coming out of decades of hard work and experience.
  • Discover a new world of fun and challenging techniques and exercises that you can take into the practice room right away.
  • Soak up wisdom from your teachers, who truly know how to steer musicians to big-time results. Not only do they occupy a place in jazz history as world-class performers, but all three of your master class teachers are also among the top educators in jazz, having held positions at major music programs, conducted countless clinics around the globe, and written renowned books on jazz musicianship.
  • Witness the lessons come even more to life as you listen to the jazz giants bring out their instruments and demonstrate various exercises and concepts.
  • Multiply your jazz skills while you commute to work, jog on the treadmill, do the dishes – you get the picture. MP3 audio means you can listen at almost any time, any place. Worried about not being able to take it all in unless you’re listening with a pen and paper, taking notes? Well worry not – the companion e-book summarizes for you so you can relax and enjoy the audio stress-free.
  • Thanks to the conversational interview style of these master classes, you’ll find yourself engaged and inspired in a highly natural way. That’s not the case when you’re listening to a boring academic lecture. And being engaged and inspired means that this info is much more likely to stick with you for the long haul.

Plus you’ll also get…

E-Book Summarizing and Expanding Upon Interviews

E-Book Summarizing and Expanding Upon Interviews

  • The companion to the audio master classes, this 80-plus page books stands 100% on its own as a thoroughly comprehensive guide to jazz musicianship.
  • More than three hours of info-packed audio master classes are summarized for you to read and easily digest (can you imagine trying to extract the “how-to” info from hours of audio yourself?).
  • You get to enjoy the audio without having to worry about whether or not you’re going to remember everything that was said and demonstrated.
  • There are loads of musically notated examples, so you can spare yourself the confusion of trying to visualize the theory behind the concepts you’re learning.
  • You won’t be bored to sleep by dry music theory, since there are audio examples of many of the chordal concepts that can be played directly from within the e-book. You can instantly hear what’s being presented in the chapter and get the sounds, not just in your brain, but in your ears (where it really counts!).
  • No more getting stuck practicing the same boring stuff over and over! This book is PACKED with “Take Action” sections containing exact instructions for practicing what was taught in the lesson
  • Besides enjoying the best possible way to digest the master class interviews, you’ll find heaps of jazz concepts and techniques as supplied by yours truly (I’m an experienced jazz musician myself, with tours and countless gigs under my belt.)
  • Less experienced players need not bang their heads against the wall! If some of the concepts are a bit over your head, there are “Crash Courses” or “Refreshers” to help get you up to speed so that you can fully benefit from what’s being taught.
  • The book is written in a loose conversational style and is definitely not just another boring textbook.


E-Workbook with Sheet Music and Reference Materials

E-Workbook with Sheet Music and Reference Materials

  • Practice the barrier-busting exercises from the master classes without having to transcribe them off of the audio.
  • Delve deep into the modern jazz vocabulary inspired by Coltrane and the giants who came after him.
  • Supersize the “whoa – what was that awesome thing you just played?!” factor in your playing by working through killer alternate chord progressions.
  • Not familiar with all of the scales and modes you need to play jazz? No worries, they’re all included here!
  • If you’re new to jazz piano, we’ll get you on your way, thanks to a super easy to follow mini-course included here. As you might know, being able to play through chord progressions is key to understanding how jazz tunes are put together, and how to play “the hip stuff” you hear folks like Kenny Garrett and Randy Brecker playing.

And on top of all that, you get…

Audio Demonstrations of Lessons

Jazz Lessons with Giants MP3

  • Expand your ears to the hippest jazz sounds by hearing the chord substitutions that are notated in the e-book.
  • Listen to Bob Sheppard and Bob Mintzer demonstrate the concepts such as the practical use of intervallic patterns as well as a fun and pretty-sounding approach to melodic development. (If you don’t know what intervallic patterns are, fasten your seatbelt, as they are the key to getting that super-hip modern sound).
  • For those using Adobe Acrobat, you can play these audio examples directly from within the e-book thanks to an embedded audio player (otherwise you can listen to them using any device via the website).
Listen to a sample of the Audio Master Class Interviews (Bob Mintzer speaking and playing).

These lessons will serve you for years…but you can get big results starting right now.

Jazz Lessons with Giants comes with enough practice material to keep you busy for a LONG time. Rather than only giving you pre-written licks and patterns, this is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to create your own amazing licks and patterns.

This course will pull and stretch you like crazy, and although it might take you a long while to master everything that’s being taught, the benefits of tackling this challenging material will become obvious right away.

What all great musicians have in common, you can have starting today.

Want to know one thing that just about all great musicians have in common?

They learned from as many sources as possible, including listening to the great recordings, attending live performances, taking lessons, reading books, and hanging out with more experienced musicians. Jazz Lessons with Giants is built around this crucial advantage of multiple sources of info.

Unlike just about every other jazz educational product out there, the information here isn’t coming from just one great musician. There are three distinct viewpoints taken from three jazz giants who have not only carved a niche for themselves in modern jazz history, but who also have an amazing ability to verbalize exactly what it is you need to do if you too want to reach jazz greatness – or at the very least, improve your playing as drastically, quickly, and enjoyably as possible.



To help you put the Jazz Lessons with Giants into practice, you’ll get 4 FREE play-along tracks courtesy of PlayJazzNow.com. These are some of the best jazz accompaniment tracks on the market, and feature a professional rhythm section laying down an inspiring backdrop for you to shed the new skills you’ve picked up from the course.

Download Jazz Lessons With Giants right now (and feel safe with our 100% no-hassle guarantee).

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with Jazz Lessons with Giants, then just let me know and I’ll quickly refund you your money. I know for a fact that applying the information in this course is going to have a massive impact on your playing, but the most important thing to me is that you’re happy with your purchase, so don’t be scared of wasting money on something that’s not going to fit your needs exactly.

Jazz Lessons “A terrific program – what a great resource to hear from these three iconic jazz musicians. I plan to read and listen this through repeatedly; it’s loaded with great information.”
Walt Weiskopf (author of multiple jazz education books, band leader, performed with Buddy Rich, Brad Mehldau, John Patitucci, Steely Dan, and many more)
Jazz Lessons “I’ve really been digging Doron’s latest educational package. I am picky when it comes to getting jazz educational material, and I have to say Doron’s stuff is the goods. The interviews with Bob Sheppard and Mintzer pay for the package alone, not to mention tons of killer exercises in the workbook and solid explanation in the E-book. What makes this stuff so different from what’s out there is its not about what to practice, its about ‘how’ to practice, and I can tell you, the ‘how’ is what makes the difference. Great stuff, Doron! – Ok back to the shed.”
Teddy Meyer (jazz saxophonist)
Jazz Lessons “As I think about all the music books I’ve purchased over the years – and that’s a LOT of books – a program like Jazz Lessons with Giants would have saved me time and helped me improve faster had it been available. From simple musical concepts to complex, the Giants break things down into small, bite-sized pieces so you can digest the concepts and get busy learning today! After listening to the entire audio, reading the text, and practicing portions of the exercises, I feel like my practice routine will now be more solid and productive! I highly recommend it!”
Chazz Pratt (jazz saxophonist)
Jazz Lessons “Just been listening to Bob Mintzer, just love it, this is going to be a great resource for me. Developing melodies and ideas has always caught me up, but this seems to blow those clouds of confusion away”
Nick Dann (jazz saxophonist)
Jazz Lessons “Doron Orenstein does something unique and highly effective in this book. He puts you in the room with the masters for unscripted, interactive private lessons. The concepts are conveyed in their own words and the exercises are demonstrated by them in an honest and spontaneous way. The accompanying workbook provides excellent transcriptions of all exercises covered. I highly recommend it!”
Matt Cowan (New York City-based saxophonist and composer, worked with Rosemary Clooney, Chris Cheek, and many others)
Jazz Lessons “I have to confess, I sat down to just skim over the contents of Jazz Lessons and get a sense of it, and I was drawn in; it was suddenly hours later. Here we have three varied but very accomplished musicians, each with some very different perspectives on the nature of practice and performance, and this can be comforting for those who may have been told one way and always wondered if there might be another. Over and over the material delves into some trick of the trade for expanding melodic or rhythmic ideas with an exercise or a concept to commit to reflex while reminding us that this is only an exercise, a training for readiness.”
Gary Murphy (jazz saxophonist, educator and director of the Eighth Street Orchestra)
Jazz Lessons “The book is well organized. The most valuable thing about Jazz Lessons with Giants is the audio interviews. There is a wealth of information for musicians of all types.”
Jeff Ellwood (Dir. of Jazz Studies at Mount San Antonio College, Prof. of Jazz Saxophone at Cal State Fullerton, performs with The Bill Cunliffe Big Band and his own quartet. Has also performed and recorded with Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip, Bob Sheppard, James Moody, and many more)
Jazz Lessons “A great resource of information from three great players and teachers.”
Jon Gordon (solo recording artist and sideman with Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Phil Woods, Jimmy Cobb, Harry Connick Jr., and countless others)


Sure, you could try and set up lessons with all three of these guys, but it would cost you more than six times the cost of this program, and you wouldn’t end up with the E-book and Workbook, or a cleanly-produced recording of the interviews, or the audio demonstrations.

So why not make today the day that your journey as a jazz musician changes forever? Click the pretty green button below and your next chapter begins NOW for just $49!

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